Yearly Information Diet

A few years ago I read a great book by Clay Johnson called The Information Diet. It's a fantastic book that really helped me pop the filter bubble I was in and taught me that I needed to search out quality sources of information.

Another point of the book was to periodically cull the sources of information you are consuming. I'm a bit of a completest myself and I get really bad FOMO if I'm not 100% up to date with my email, RSS feeds, twitter and podcasts. In order to save my own sanity I take some time during the first week of every new year to go though the sources of information that invade my life and answer the questions: Does this bring me any value? Do I get any joy from this? If not I click the unsubscribe/unfollow link.

So far this week I've done a pass on my Twitter feed and unfollowed about 75 accounts. Geez, I was amazed by how many "brands" I'd followed over the past year. I mean I love local breweries but do I really need to follow 6 of them? As well I've been going though my RSS feeds trimming dead feeds and unfollowing ones that don't provide me with value.

At the same time I've been trying to keep my new year's resolution in mind:

So far that's been going pretty well as I've added support for things that I love like Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal and You Are Not So Smart podcast as well as tools I depend on like Babel

Next step is to tackle my inbox which constantly seems to be full of weekly tech emails.

What do steps do you take to avoid being overwhelmed by the firehose of information we are subjected to daily?