Starting a New Job

Last week I started my new job as a Developer Advocate for Adobe. Wait, I bet you were thinking I thought you already were a developer advocate? I know it seemed like that as I would travel around espousing the benefits of building web applications, PWA's and using hybrid technologies but that's just something I did for fun.

Now I'm super excited to be joining the Developer Experience team at Adobe. In my role as a developer advocate I will continue to be speaking at conferences (upcoming talks) but I will also be working with internal teams, partners, customers and external developers to help them solve problems. I'll be coming up to speed with a ton of things that Adobe offers so that is going to be fun and challenging.

What does this mean for my open source work? Not too much really, I'll still be contributing to open source projects but now I will be broadening my horizon to a number of different projects. One of the other amazing thing about my new team is they are also the Open Source Office at Adobe and we'll be open sourcing more internal projects and working more closely with the open source community.

To that end, Adobe has announced that it has acquired Magento which is an open community driven e-commerce system. With over 300,000 community developers I'm picking a good time to change roles as there will be lots of interesting challenges as the two companies learn from each other.